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Golf Article - It's all in the mind, part 2
by Dr Aidan Moran, Professor of Psychology

Here is the third in a series of articles by Dr
Aidan Moran, Professor of Psychology Research at
University College, Dublin. Dr Moran is adviser to many
of Ireland's top Golfers including Padraig Harrington

As we learned in article one, concentration, or the ability
to focus on the present task while ignoring distractions,
is probably the most important mental skill in golf. As
Paul Azinger said, ~Staying in the present is the key to
the golfer~s game: Once you start thinking about a shot you
just messed up. You~re lost~. But what can you do on the
course to improve your focusing skills? Here are some
practical tips that are designed to keep your mind focused
on the job at hand.

Develop a pre-shot routine

As I explained in article two, routines train your mind to
focus on the ~here and now~. Remember the steps involved in
any good routine: Assess the situation, then prepare to
play and finally, trust your swing and let it flow.

Pick a specific target

Always ask yourself "What's my target?" for every shot you
play. Picking a target is a good way of blocking out

Focus on the challenge of every shot

Try to see every shot as a contest between you and the
target. Nothing else matters.

Use "trigger words" to refocus your mind

If you find yourself thinking too far ahead, try using
phrases like "this one ~ now!" or "nice and easy" to
refocus your mind.

Visualise the type of shot you want to play

Visualisation, or "seeing" and "feeling" a shot in your
imagination before you actually hit it, is a popular
concentration technique among top players.

Learn to put the past behind you

Develop the habit of "letting go" of the shot you've just
played. If it was a bad shot, remind yourself that it's the
next shot that counts. If it was a good shot say "well
done" silently to yourself but remember to re-focus on the
next target to aim at.

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