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Top 10 Golf Tips

These are some of the top tips I have learned from reading and learning from many of the products and articles listed on this site.

None of these are in any particular order, if you would like to see each one in more detail then please subscribe to my 7 part mini series by clicking here.

Tip No 1: Keep your eye on the ball

Sounds simple enough but it is one of those mistakes that many golfers make.

Look at this way, how can you expect to hit the ball if you don't watch it!

But taking this to far can mean you will be forever slicing the ball, read Jeff Parks article here to see what I mean.

Tip No 2: Point to the Target

If you are not pointing to the target then you are not going to hit it!

What is worse is that many of us practice our golf without pointing properly, so we promote a swing that is bound to slice or hook the moment we do point properly at the target.

Tip No 3: Slow down your back swing

If you are a weekend golfer then it is very unlikely that you have the skill to hit a golf ball with a swing under 1.5 seconds.

So don't try!

Slowing down your back swing will give you more time to adjust your stance and get you ready for the return.

Any golf book worth it salt will discuss this subject because it is a mistake a lot of golfers make.

Tip No 4: Use your Imagination

Ask any good sportsperson how they made it to the top of their profession and they will tell you that they imagined being the best or they imagined scoring more goals than anyone else, ask any tour pro the same question and they will tell you that imagination is the key to a good shot.

This is one exercise that you can and should learn quickly, the next time you tea up, take a few seconds to imagine your ball going where you want it to go.

You will be surprised how much this little exercise can improve your game.

Have a look at How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis to see how much you can improve your game with imagination.

Tip No 5: Practice, Practice and Practice.

Unfortunately I wish we could just practice once and then head out to the golf course, but that just isn't the case.

The key to great golf is muscle memory…

Practising over and over again will teach you're muscles to remember the movements thus increasing your chances of making the same movements the next time you are on the course.

I know I keep going on about Dalton, but the exercise in his video will really help your muscle memory.

Tip No 6: Correct your Grip

There are a lot of different things written about grip, but the best advice I have found is in Dalton's videos.

The left hand should be on the left hand side of the club and the right hand on the right hand side.

Sounds easy to me!

Tip No 7. Keep Fit

No matter which way you look at it golf is a sport and as such your game will improve with fitness.

Although strength training could help you will probably find that cardiovascular and stretching will give you the most short term benefits.

Cardiovascular should help you get around the full 18 course without feeling you have played a marathon.

Stretching should increase your range of movements helping you to have a more flowing swing.

Strength exercises will help support your back and give you a more controlled swing, it will probably help your distance as well.

Check out Golf-trainer for information on golf fitness.

Tip No 8: Know your distance.

There is a big thing among golfers about distance, we are all trying to hit longer shots, the problem is we kid ourselves (Guilty!), we look at the distance to a hole and then say "well I should be able to hit that with my six" knowing full well, that we would have to hit a perfect shot to get anywhere near the distance!

If you want to lower your handicap then don't fall yourself, take a club that you know for sure will get you to where you want to go, and if you need to take 2 shots instead of 1 at least they will probably be more accurate.

Choose the right club for you, not your ego!

The less pressure the better the shot!

Tip No 9: Keep your kit clean.

I know you clean your kit all the time, but I have also been on the golf course and seen many a player using clubs caked in mud, I have probably been guilty of it myself!

Do you eve see tour pro's with dirty clubs?



Because it only needs a little dirt to cause all sorts of ball flight problems, your clubs are made to hit the ball properly only when they are clean.

Muddy grooves will give not help your control of the ball at all.

Tip No 10: Choose your equipment carefully.

This is one of my favorites and one many golf manufacturers and teaches alike do not make a big deal about…but they should.

Golf clubs are made for the average person, the problem is average means different things to different manufactures, so beware.

Now I know when you first start out you probably don't want to spend much on your equipment, but that doesn't mean you should accept the first set of clubs that come your way.

Dalton covers this in his video's and shows you what a difference a set of golf clubs can make, to your swing.

I hope these 10 Golf Tips were of use, if you have any of your own then please send them to me here.

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The simple Swing.

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