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Review - Dalton McCrary's Straight Shootin Golf

There is a well-known saying among webmasters and that is that you should not recommend a product unless you have used it yourself.

It is something that I agree with whole heartily and why I was so excited to write this article.

I first bought "Dalton McCrary's Straight Shootin Golf" about a year ago, after seeing an info-commercial.

Now I am not a sceptic, I like short cuts and I will buy anything that will help me get to where I want to be, quicker and I really don't think that someone would go to that much trouble to advertise something and give me a money back guarantee just to fleese me!

Was I wrong?

"Straight Shootin Golf" comes on 4 videos in a big case with an instruction manual to follow along the tapes with.

The first thing I would like to do is give you a warning (or a couple) do not read the manual on it's own before you have watched the tapes, it's not that it is badly written or anything like that it is just that unless you read it 3 or 4 times it will not make much sense, so to save yourself time watch the video's first.

My second warning is Dalton himself, my first reaction was "Who is this guy", but after 10 mins you start thinking, hey, maybe he has a point, after 15 min "I am starting to like this guy", once your on the second tape you will be convinced the guys a genius!

Now before we go on let me tell you I have had lessons just like you probably have, but I never seemed to come away really understanding the swing, or why you have to do half the things your told to do something even though I seemed to be grilling the instructor for half the lesson.

Well thanks to Dalton I am now an expert (well almost) and what is better, if I have an off day or a round where things are not going right, I now know why!

In the Videos Dalton teaches a mixed group of students (who you can tell start off wondering "what is going on here") but when he gets one of them up and show's him how to hit a ball straight and on target after a few changes to his stance, swing and grip, they are hooked.

Here are a list of some of the things covered.

  • The 40 Inch Zone of Squareness, the powerful missing link to the perfect swing
  • How to Hit Straight, Crisp Golf Shots and Improve Your Game Instantly
  • Breaking Old Habits and Programming Your Mind
  • Why You Don't Improve and Why You Will Improve NOW!
  • The Myth of the Backswing
  • Why Your Shots Hook and Slice
  • How to Self-Diagnose Your Swing and Fix It Immediately
  • Simplifying Your Game
  • One and Roll, the rhythm that's the soul of golf
  • How to Keep the Clubface Square Longer in the Impact Zone than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Without going into much detail, each one of the above points adds up to a perfectly straight shot on that is on target and with extra yardage that comes with a well timed shot.

By the time you finished the tapes you will be saying "One and roll" in your sleep!

know my darling wife asked me a few time what the hell I had been dreaming about.

My verdict

Dalton's " Straight Shootin Golf" is everything it says it is and probably more and if there was a golf god Dalton is probably it, for me anyway….LOL

Joking aside, this course will show you how to change your golf swing and more importantly, why.

Along with some very practical if not "off beat" exercises that will guarantee you keep you hitting your shots straight and on target.

After just watching the tapes once, I took my trusted 7 iron down to the golf range, set myself up and WHAM!

I was nearly thrown out of the golf club because of my voiced excitement, it really does work.

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Dalton McCrary's Straight Shootin Golf
Dalton McCrary's Straight Shootin Golf.
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