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Welcome to Golf Instructions and Tips, my name is Malcolm Pett and I am your host.

As a frustrated golfer myself I have searched the net for golfing articles and information to help me improve my game, so I thought it was a good idea to put them in a place everyone could find them.

On this site you will find golfing articles, golf instruction and Tips and golf help books along with anything else interesting I find.

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Golf Instruction Articles
Take a browse through our golf articles, they cover just about every subject to do with the your golf swing and written by some very knowledgable people.

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Golf Tips
We have put together some of the best tips available in one place.

Your probably know some of them but maybe not all.

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Golf Books
Take a look at our range of books that will help you improve your game.

Each book has been reviewed and we have even given you a link to but it!

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Golf Ebay
If you want a golf bargain then what better place to look than

We have added a special page to this site so you can browsr the top listings.

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From The Ground Up: How To Shoot In The 70's
From The Ground Up: How To Shoot In The 70's
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How to break 80
How to break 80
How You Can Play Bettter Golf Using Self Hypnosis
Conquer the mental side of golf
Best odds on Aus Open
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