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The Dave Way Anti-slice golf swing system.

By Malcolm Pett

Well I have to admit I had never heard of Dave Way until I came across his golf instruction manual called The Dave Way (he explains the name in the guide), but it isn't long after you start reading it, that you realise that he certainly knows what he is talking about.

There are plenty of us who suffer from the dreaded slice in our golf swing and it sometimes seems that no matter what you do, it never gets better, in fact, it often gets worse!

What we end up doing is aiming in a completely different direction so that hopefully our ball will end up close to the fairway but of course this rarely happens as well, because we either hit the ball even worse or we hit it straighter than normal. I don't need to explain this because if you slice, you know what I mean.

The Dave Way is a 51 page report that comes in PDF format which can be read on just about any machine and is easy to read online (which you can save) or as a download which can then be read on your machine.

The problem with many golf instruction manuals is that they go into all sorts of strange and technical details, when all you really want is a few quick steps that you can remember easily when you are practising at the driving range or out on the golf course.

The Dave Way is excellent in this respect because he breaks it down it to just 3 simple steps that you will be able to remember easily, I know because I have tried.

What is really good about The Dave Way though is that it teaches you in simple language why you are slicing the golf ball (I am all for that) and then how these 3 simple steps will change the way you hit the ball.

The one other thing I like about The Dave Way is that he shows you these techniques with diagrams and pictures, but he also has a simple "Thought Process" that is easy to remember when you step up to the golf tee.

The Dave Way has one final technique which should add a lot more distance than you are used to but it is a drill that you should only practice when you have mastered the other simple steps as it fits in nicely with those techniques.

To test The Dave Way I just went to the golf driving range with a couple of different golf clubs and rehearsed the drills exactly as he said and that was enough to start hitting straight shots within a couple of practice drills.

I am fanatical about easy golf techniques and I have learned many from lots of different places, but I must say The Dave Way is the simplest and quickest lesson that I have come across that works.

I really do highly recommend The Dave Way Anti-slice golf swing system so please click here to read more.

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The Dave Way Anti-slice golf swing systems
The Dave Way
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