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Golf Article - How to Play Golf's 3 Most Important Strokes
by Steve Tanner & Ron Tanner

When it comes down to the crunch, there are
three strokes which need to be practiced more so
than any of the others.

#1 - Driving

Whatever thoughts you have in your head about
driving at this moment in time, whether it's
technical issues or simple issues like, just
standing over the ball and hitting it as hard
and as far as you can, this section of the
article should help you.

A bad set-up leads to a bad backswing, which in
turn creates problems on the downswing.

At address, your lead shoulder should be higher
than the other with your head behind the ball.

*Remember* tempo is everything.

Take the club away from the ball low and slow,
turning your shoulders 90 degrees, with a
45 degree hip turn.

Keep your legs stable as you turn making sure
that you do NOT let your arms get behind your

Follow through strong with commitment to the
shot. The swing doesn't finish at impact.

Your weight should feel that it's moved onto
your left side (right side if left-handed).

"Getting the ball off the tee and keeping it
in play makes all the difference to your
entire round of golf"

#2 - Chipping

Chipping is probably the least practiced shot,
yet should be a top priority on your practice

You will not reach your full potential until
you learn how to chip the ball close to the

*Important* learn the proper set-up.

Your weight should be on your lead side. Playing
the ball back in your stance will encourage
the club to make contact with the ball first
and the ground second.

Take the club stright back on the target line,
holding your wrists in a firm position through

Try chipping with an 8 or 7 iron until you
master the bump n' run and then proceed to
master the chip shot playing the wedge.

#3 - Putting

In a sense, putting can either win or lose you
the game.

Good posture at address is important to remember
and maintain during the stroke.

Bend at the hips with your weight centred over
the balls of your feet. This helps to prevent
you getting round shouldered and positions your
eyes directly over the ball.

Once you have selected a line stay committed
to it. Do NOT break your wrists. Perform the
stroke with your shoulders, playing the ball
off your left heel (right if you're left-handed).

Make sure you take the putter straight-back to
straight-forward for short putts.

Practice your long putts for rhythm and your
short putts for the line.

To your golfing success...

Steve Tanner & Ron Tanner
Tanatica Golf Solutions

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